SMS Shortcode Services

SMS Shortcode Services

The SMS feedback system is the world's most advanced mobile SMS based customer facing tool. The system enables business owners, organizations, public and nonpublic sectors to solicit instant and useful feedback from customers instantly.

Project Details

Hypertag empowers its customers to communicate between varied IT back‐end systems and mobile phones using SMS Services. We provide a unique, end‐to‐end, global carrier‐grade mobile data service. Its mobile data service offering includes "plug and play" application licensing and hosting. Employing a partnership with Mobile operators, worldwide recognized content providers and Mobile Handset producer, with a clear focus on SMS and mobile based data communication.

Hypertag’s Shortcodes service allows enterprises to create a unique mobile identity and manage SMS text based campaigns and initiatives through a web based interface. Hypertag’s provides web based tools that allow:

  • Shortcode management
  • Keyword management
  • Campaign management
  • Single window interface
  • Real time data analytics
Key features
  • Self-creation and management of customer interactions like surveys, quick polls, votes and competitions without dependency on a third party
  • Create, schedule and launch campaigns through an intuitive web interface
  • Ability to add footer messages for promotion and ad campaigns, both operator and circle specific
  • Real-time tracking, reporting and analytics
  • Ability to measure your marketing efforts and allow access to prospective clients and qualified leads, instantly
  • Multiple language options for global deployment
  • 24/7 maintenance support
The solution allows enterprises to fully leverage the omnipresent nature of SMS technology, in an uncomplicated, efficient and non-intrusive manner. The tool provides different modules for a range of usage. The modules are user friendly and can be incorporated into the present system with great ease.

Keyword management
Allows enterprises to create new keywords for usage as well as its sub keywords for parameter based responses. This feature also enables users to set time based responses against keywords. One can set different responses at different time intervals against a keyword.

Campaign Management
An intuitive, web-based interface for creating and managing mobile orientated campaigns. This module enables enterprises to run contests, conduct polls, Receive feedback, and Create surveys to understand the market pulse. Thus enterprises can promote their business by reaching large number of customers in interactive ways.