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Hypertag Solutions Ltd


Hypertag Solutions Ltd provides core wireless services and solutions for mobile advertising, Mobile messaging, applications, contents, device management, connectivity gateway, mobile banking and mobile financial services. It has core modular service platform that’s delivers a wide range of carrier-grade service including rich contents, social aggregation, mobile advertising, messaging solutions, mobile marketing, storefronts and portal management and call completion services.

Hypertag is specialized in SMS, MMS, IVR, WAP, J2ME and web based mobile solutions. Our technology is live and evolving and designed for rapid deployment and revenue generating. A state-of-the-art Common Short Code Gateway with comprehensive toolset, the company’s unmatched deployment flexibility enables operators of all sizes to compete immediately, and flexible architecture makes migration to next-generation technology simple.

Our Service


  • Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile Messaging Solutions
  • Proximity Marketing Solutions
  • Mobile Sales Tracking Solutions
  • Telecom Platform Solutions
  • Interactive TV Solutions
  • Web Application Development
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Financial Solutions

Hypertag Digital

Hypertag Solutions Ltd provides the power of social media represents an almost unlimited opportunity to raise awareness of your business and increase visits to your website. And all for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing media channels.In recent years, the rise of sites such as facebook, Twitter and Youtube has completely transformed the relationship between business and the consumer. Today, it's not what you say about yourself that matters, but what thousands of potential customers are saying about you online. By creating and managing that all-important 'buzz', our social media specialists will ensure your brand is at the centre of the conversation among your target audience.

SEO is the starting point for any integrated digital marketing campaign. It's where we work to research and anticipate customer behaviour, targeting key words and content to ensure your site appears at or close to the top of search results and delivering outstanding for your business. The difference a successful SEO strategy can make to sales and profits is phenomenal: Higher rankings mean more visits. More visits mean more sales. And more sales mean increased profitability