Proximity marketing

Proximity marketing
Project Details

Hypertag’s “Proximity Marketing” offering an effective and affordable solution for communicating with a large audience within the proximity of your advertised product or service. This is achieved by sending multimedia content to the potential customer’s mobile phone using a Bluetooth or Wireless device.

The most effective content offers the recipient something special like a discount on a product or service, a free ringtone, video, mobile wallpaper, screensaver or something else that the audience will find of value.

Many types of businesses use proximity marketing as a means to engage local foot traffic who might not usually see or be aware of specific products or services that the business provides. Our clients have used a unique combination of our Bluetooth Blasting and wireless mobile servers along with our Bluetooth enabled touchscreen systems to achieve fantastic marketing results.

  • Proximity Bluetooth Marketing is a one way push technology
  • Proximity Bluetooth Marketing is a method of delivering FILES (typically graphic and text jpg images) to cellular phones (NOT SMS or Text Messages)
  • Bluetooth Marketing is permission based (users must accept or decline the connection)
  • Bluetooth Marketing is FREE and does not cost the receiver or the broadcaster anything (aside from the purchased hardware)
  • Bluetooth Marketing can only target phones with Bluetooth turn on AND set to discoverable (about 90% of Bluetooth enabled phones)
  • Bluetooth Marketing Range is dictated by the weakest link (phones average 100-1000m)