Platform/Solutions Provider

platform/ solution provider
Project Details

Hypertag Solutions system to provide Support Services to include detected in its core solutions and Value Added Platform for telecommunication operators.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. Hypertag Solutions’ Support Center is, once again, recognized to provide a complete set of processes and policies that ensure a standard and accurate management of support incidents. In this way, and aligned with this policy, In Hypertag Solutions makes focus in the costumer for performing each of its activities, and puts special emphasis on satisfying its costumer’s implicit and explicit needs. This is possible by complying with all the agreed requirements (Products, Services, etc.) and also considering new requirements that may arise.

Our commitment is now being reinforced:
  • Design, develop, integrate and maintain our products, in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
  • Maintain the flexibility, openness, robustness, modularity and competitiveness of our products.
  • Encourage a working environment that allows all our company members to develop their personal and professional interests properly and continuously.
  • Measure our progress towards continual improvement of business performance, creating a benchmark for our customers.
  • Improve IN Hypertag’s organizational performance.

With this recognition we are even more convinced to continue walking along a path of permanent improvement always aiming to provide better service levels for our customers.

Platform Function:
Hypertag’s Mobile Messaging Platform is capable of delivering several services to virtually any GSM/CDMA mobile handset and telecom operators. Hypertag combines signaling information from the mobile world with innovative applications running concurrently on its own IT applications platform and thereby paving the way for mission‐critical international communications and transmission of data services.

Fast Growing Mobile VAS provider:
  • Aiming to be the market leader and globally recognized branded MVAS provider experienced hyper tag’s team is working in most innovative product and service development era.

High Quality of Services:
  • Hypertag is a provider of high quality of Mobile Value Added Services.

Strong Stakeholder Relationship:
  • Hypertag always keeps and committed to keep a strong relationship with its all stakeholders.
  • Hypertag always keep relations and conducted many agreements with International partners.

Innovative product generation:
  • Hyper tag’s experienced team is always hunting for new idea and product. We are the pioneer in Bangladesh on some newest idea like Bluetooth Proximity Marketing and many more.

Quick & Flexible:
  • Easy integration with varied and complex IT back-end system for automated and scheduled messaging.

  • As Hypertag provides services via an ASP model; the cost of ownership is low!

Operator Redundancy:
  • Hypertag’s offers a high level of redundancy with regard to mobile operators leading to a better quality of service.

Least Time‐to‐Market:
  • Due to product-driven approach followed by Hypertag’s the deployment is typically completed within one day.

Scalable Architecture:
  • The architecture of the mobile messaging and gateway platform is design in a way so as to ensure quick ramp-up to build high throughput as more than 5million message a day.

Secure Transactions:
  • Hypertag Support transaction of information is a completely secure channel of 128-bit encryption.

Practical Solution:
  • Hypertag offers a practical solution. It provides multi-user and multi-location deployment with central administration.

Provides End‐To‐End User Experience:
  • Hypertag provide end-to-end user experience data transaction between database and mobile phones. Additionally, Hypertag provides a wide range of option such as a Code Services, distinct services on IP and on virtual mobile number platform.

Provides Across‐The‐Board Offering:
  • Hypertag has products for all segments of the market. Products for Corporate & Large Enterprises, SMEs, SOHO and HNIs.

Smart Strategic Alliances:
  • Hypertag has forged strategic alliances and partnerships with leading technology companies as their mobile messaging partner.

Hypertag is delivered as a fully managed service and encompasses the following elements:
  • Content ingestion, aggregation and distribution
  • Content management system
  • Portal management system
  • SMS / MMS content services
  • Service analytics